Daymares Made Flesh

by Specules



The 2nd Full-Length record from Specules in my Black Metal days.


released February 20, 2013

Alive (Dylan Douglas): All Instruments, Vocals, Drum Programming
Count Bitzmackh (David Jordan): Lyrics on Tracks 1, 4, & 5, Album artwork



all rights reserved


Specules Santa Barbara, California

I started Specules in 2012 as an Black Metal project but over the last couple of years it has evolved to include many other genres of music. I really hate mainstream music so I find solace in creating music that is unconventional and strange, but creative and phenomenal.

- Dylan

I intend for this bandcamp to eventually have almost everything I've done musically.
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Track Name: The Art Of Braindeath
I awoke from a long sleep
Returning to Earth
Permanent dream
Taken from me

The body to ashes
And so it was
The only way natural
The only way natural

What does it mean?
I question
What does it mean?

Bloodless child, wrapped up
No religion to speak of
No direction
Only isolation.

Trapped in my mind
Soul dies on this withering vine.
Looking forlorn
Biding his time.
Track Name: Grimes Against Humanity
I'm so sick of all these fool-lauding fucks
They praise the one whose mind is nothing but dust
Worked the whole of my life thinking it'll all pay off
Got fucked in the end and it's too late to get off.

And you look at me like I'm not the sane one
Want to go to work to show you all my gun
Dying fast was this life's only reward
Zombie I've become now it's time to drink blood.

A splotch or two of radioactive waste
Has brought about the need to exit my grave
Been to his house once I bet I could still find it now
Sinews will seep as I continue to chow.

I'll come back to bite the yellow skin off of his skull
No brains to eat but my wrath will be resolved.
Got a bone to pick, now I'm sucking his dry
And if you ask i'll say this is how I died.
Track Name: Oppløst Ved Himmel Og Skyggen
"Dissolved By Sky And Shadow"

Oppløst ved himmel og skyggen.
I skyggen en ond ble født
en ond skjebne for destruksjon
En ond født ut av helvete

En eldre skog ropte
Dekket med rim
Kan ikke flytte
og revet i skjøtene

snøen var hard å komme ned
en slipende vinter

Snøen fortsatte utenfor
Lyden tungt på slottet vår.
igjen og igjen og igjen angrepet skygger
himmelen igjen oppløst
Track Name: The Pain Of Teeth Denied
The air tonight grows thick
In our hearts the darkness

Purge it from my feeble skin
Deny the pain of its teeth
Only when we've killed the self
Can we proceed

Beneath the starry twilight
No weeping
Afraid that the trees
Will watch mine sleeping.

The sun dies in the sky
This vessel void lies sapped and dried
Track Name: Daymares Made Flesh
Dreaming of ferocity
Locked into a death game
Eye-to-eye with a painted face
I hold him at bay.

Void of light but for a circle
Illuminated to reveal
An angry, orange-striped tiger
Can't tell what the hell is real

Punctured flesh, old wounds stay fresh
Piercing tendon, knotting my neck
Stabbing pain: 1000 points
Coupled by the jolt

I circled with the cat-beast
Consume, corrode, and choke.
(Could you) sooth the scores of sores
Within her heart where it hurts most

Void of light but for a circle
I was illuminated to reveal

Cold deception, behind your eyes lies
Dark reflection, of what is left behind.
This vessel void lies sapped and dried
I found my way again when I fell into your eyes.

The night is hot - so black it stained.
I woke up alive by mistake.
What a wretched filthy face
A living breathing waste of space.

Now slowly sinking inside the sky
How did I wake and not die