Lycanthropod Rising (Demos 2013​-​2015)

by Specules



The first of hopefully many compilations of my old material, starting with the last of the Black Metal-era Specules and some Sludge Metal, Psychedelic, Goth, and Experimental songs.

Tracks 1-6, and 12 recorded in 2013
Tracks 7-9 recorded in 2014
Tracks 10 and 11 recorded 2015


released October 31, 2016

Alive (Dylan Douglas): Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Melodica, Drum Programming, Keys/Mellotron/MIDI Programming
Count Bitzmackh (David Jordan): Lyrics on tracks 3, 4, 6, 10 and 12, Voice on track 1

Thanks to Joe Stransky for helping re-record the vocals and help remix "Coffinland"



all rights reserved


Specules Santa Barbara, California

I started Specules in 2012 as an Black Metal project but over the last couple of years it has evolved to include many other genres of music. I really hate mainstream music so I find solace in creating music that is unconventional and strange, but creative and phenomenal.

- Dylan

I intend for this bandcamp to eventually have almost everything I've done musically.
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Track Name: Drip - Melt, Part 1
When I kill your god, it makes me human....

....Gosh you really milked it this time
Track Name: Drip - Melt, Part 2
Hymen shattered
Cervix surfaced
Grasping at the nothing
Pregnant with zeitgeist of the leper age

She loved my palate
For it included her
Her cunt tasted like a shadow
Envy envelops the jealousy
Track Name: Down The Sparks Dance
Can you feel the air
Cutting, chilling, raising hair

Death has come tonight
Lust to claim a life

Bellowing blood
Choke the sky
And down the sparks dance

Mountain swallowed whole
The snake hungers for a soul

Fear will be the end
Face it's chilling grin

Hesitation will get you killed
Set ablaze, your will
Track Name: Endless Restful Attraction
On broken glass we stand

These chains that bind and torture

Slay me, and the memory will fade
Flame burns and knows no end

Pushing the toxic through the skin
To want to die, to sleep again

Endless restful attraction
Track Name: Coffinland
Black fog surrounding
And no end in sight
A world without color
A world without light

And underneath the dead woods
Death rides a horse
Clear as the acid sunshine
And no remorse

I'm running round your
Awaiting hearse
The reaper will take you there
Six feet under of dirt

Jokers abounding
Comfort in an old scythe
Trapped in this old graveyard
Wind cuts you like ice

The dead woods come to life and
Tear you apart
With sererity they
Open the park

Coffinland is open
No entrance fee
You won't go to the god you knkow
You'll come to me
Track Name: Sewn Wide Shut
When your eye's iris senses viruses
Your smile is gently glowing
Then you inhale my sky while I
Smell the sweet scent of rivers flowing

Cultures collide, I'm by your side
(Take your hand off my fucking shoulder)
Until we divide and take separate sides
(Kill yourself now before it gets colder)

Cultures collide, I'm by your side
(Life is short, so kill yourself fast)
Until we divide and take separate sides
(The longer it takes, the longer it will last)

And your giving death a kiss
But you don't know where he is

The ancient races empty spaces
Are being filled at your discretion
Their shades are up, doors bolted shut
But their rooms are filled with infection

Cultures collide, I'm by your side
(Sober up for the whore that you missed)
Until we divide and take separate sides
(Cut yourself then cease and desist)

And your drinking from death's cup
But your lips are sewn wide shut

Cultures collide, I'm by your side
(The pain is short if kill yourself fast)
Until we divide and take separate sides
(The longer it takes, the longer it will last)
Track Name: Tainting (Our Collective Unconscious)
I've opened up both three eyes
Took that squeegee to the third
You'd better watch yourself
Cuz you know the fakes always win first

They've come to puke on everything that
The few of us worked so hard on
You know that they're just demons set loose
To lower the standards for us all

And they're tainting.

Brand new lighters dead again
Each week I go through bout 8
Well actually more like five and two thirds
When I feel the need to moderate

Don't know what made me bring that up
Feel like I'm losing some of you
Irregardless here's my point
When you get to the docks make sure you bring rope
oh wait wrong meeting
Thought this was the meeting under the staircase

They've come to cum on everyone
That's the common fucks like me and you
To pay a higher psychic price
To make sure we don't put our brains to use

And they're tainting - with their egos

You want to take me higher but
Baby that's where I'm from
Under your seat five dried grams
Open your third eye up

You want to take me higher but
Baby that's where I'm from
Just take the eighth I think you really outta
Open your third eye up
Track Name: One Thousand Steps (Early Version)
Relaxes my mind
As clouds above blow by
Not enough to just look
I stare open-eyed and try to find

One thousand steps and back again
I hold my breath and watch the waves roll in
One thousand steps and back again
Track Name: Hooligans
And now I'm being chased by the hooligans
Pale guys in penny loafers and no socks

And the hooligans are up against the LA bloods
It was a short gang battle, you know it really was
Track Name: Death On Dead Night
Dividing body from mind
Search for solace, wasted time
Found a haven in being blind
Separate and confined

Hunger drives its climb
To swallow the mountainside
It's a matter of mind
Death on this dead night (death breathing new life)

Roaring builds, wheel spins
Animated lifeless dead
Breathing deep lucid dreams
He hopes he might be sane

Hunger drives its climb
Death and not much surprise
It's a matter of mind
Death on this dead night (death breathing new life)