Specules - EP

by Specules



The first collection of songs released under the name Specules. I was Black Metal at this point up until about late 2013. Also I was using the stage moniker Alive (a parody of Dead from mayhem).


released October 31, 2012

Alive (Dylan Douglas): All Instruments, vocals



all rights reserved


Specules Santa Barbara, California

I started Specules in 2012 as an Black Metal project but over the last couple of years it has evolved to include many other genres of music. I really hate mainstream music so I find solace in creating music that is unconventional and strange, but creative and phenomenal.

- Dylan

I intend for this bandcamp to eventually have almost everything I've done musically.
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Track Name: Treachery Pinnacle Reached
Your scrolls lie on the grass
Law inscribed on the ground
To chase a pair of feet
And follow only the sound

A two-time whore
Has spewed her last
The lies that made her laugh

And the minute hand
Watches the hours pass
And the dust is scraped away.

And the scrolls remain still in the grass
Track Name: Christ Is Razed
Masked by marks of torture
39 scars in all
Dune-marooned damnation
Vultures will soon follow

Thorny crown discovered
Citadel shrieks in terror
Bring on the second ice age
Into the chamber thats near

Horse-tied desert exile
Mare dies of thirst
Gaunt figure falls from its back

Masked by lashes and flogs
Crown falls in the sand
Just outta reach of his hand

(And the peyote grew with the wisdom of his dark seed)
Track Name: Of Orifices Unknown
Reduce to ashes her orifices
What once made her whole
She was satan's priestress
Must now she must menstruate all alone

In between her legs
She holds the cold keyhole
Man's eye has never seen

In between her legs
She bears the bronze mark
Beyond man's mind has never seethed

We are ready to explore
That which lies beyond her clit
Set our sails for the unknown
Spelunk her cunt to find treasures hid
Track Name: Return The Slab (Or Suffer My Curse)
I have come up
From the tombs
To take back
What is mine

Stone inscribed with plagues

Sway my gauze
From side to side
Set my locust
Upon you

Yes I am the man in gauze