Woods Of Unseen Enemy

by Specules



The final Black Metal album from Specules before the transition to more Experimental Music.

NOTE: When I say the "final" Black Metal album that doesn't mean Specules won't ever put out a Black Metal song again. I might do a Black Metal Christmas album sometime down the line.


released June 1, 2013

Alive (Dylan Douglas): All Instruments, Vocals, Drum Programming
Count Bitzmackh (David Jordan): Lyrics on Tracks 1, 4, & 5



all rights reserved


Specules Santa Barbara, California

I started Specules in 2012 as an Black Metal project but over the last couple of years it has evolved to include many other genres of music. I really hate mainstream music so I find solace in creating music that is unconventional and strange, but creative and phenomenal.

- Dylan

I intend for this bandcamp to eventually have almost everything I've done musically.
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Track Name: To Fear And Dementia
You witness the passing time

To fear and dementia
you lose your motor control.

As the journey for water seems for naught.

When the mescaline turns
from a distortion in the boundaries
between your senses
to crimson pastel colours.

You witness the passing time
As a physical thing.
Track Name: Norsk Syre
"Norwegian Acid"

Sights of death make me old
Funerals climax my brain
Enthralled in the bloody time
Washed along with all the rain.

The derelicts fold and blow over
In the night forest
The path is taken
New will has awakened.

Dilated eyes scan the dead woods
In the winter snow

Psychedelic colours invade within earshot
The forest has come to take our souls.
We make our own path
Through this chilling cold.
Track Name: Sepulcher Speaks The Truth
Drink the illness and drain the ocean
For the algorithmic notion
That sins crept as christ slept
Slay the savior inept.

For it is the thought of human existence
That drives my wet dreams
In my sleep I eject riddles
On which god will forever choke.
Track Name: Killing, Mourning, Downstream
Beneath the skin I see
Her weeping again
He threatens violence
It's only friend.

Is death upon her?
Where did god go?

I will bring a graveflower
To rest upon your soul
Lay a poem on your headstone
Then shed a tear now you're gone.
Track Name: The Macabre And Abhorrent
A stranger walks down the hall
Slows his steps, eyes are closed.
A heavy lust: dirt, blood, and dust
Dead man walks to his end.

Pulled into the stars
Mortified to think
Sweat cooling, but permeating air
Fucking the old witch.

Neither taking nor giving ground
My exhaustion, this creature cannot know.
Track Name: Woods Of Unseen Enemy
Track Name: A Clear Sky Purged Of It's Radiance